Artist’s Statement:
My interest in Taoism led me to read that the ancients studied cracks in Nature as an entry into Spirit and as a way of divining the future. Reading the future is not so interesting to me, but I take their interest to mean the individual soul is connected to all things, and so one can move into the Heart of Nature or into the depth of oneself simply by studying cracks in bark, leaves, stone, and so forth. Next to that interest, I am familiar with the notions in Kabbalah about ideas of redemption. That is, rather than just accepting everything fatalistically, the Kabbalists believed that by doing everything carefully, devotedly, and attentively, they were helping to redeem matter and return it to the Light, from which it was separated at the time of the Big Bang. I am very far from that ability, but it doesn’t hurt to begin. And the idea is inspiring. So art can become a way of reminding us to be attentive, to look, and to start working.