Artist’s Statement:
This painting series derives from two ideas. First of all, the Vedic tradition of “neti neti”, not this, not that, signifying that ultimate reality is beyond words. The tradition also shows a way of discriminating specific differences on the road to truth, and it points to a kind of conversation one can have about things and qualities, by articulating first of all what the ideal is Not.

Secondly, from the Central European, particularly Slavic folk tradition, of expressing a response to something by saying “No, No, not this, feh!, Not that either, feh!” Understood in this process is that nothing one could choose would be correct.

The sublime and the profane: only ever a hair’s breadth apart.

Looking at the obvious statement each painting presents in its title is intended to evoke speculations and specific questions. At the same time the inspiration for the work came from the simplest activities: looking at toys or walking by junk.

Accomplished in acrylics, oil stick, pen on canvas, ranging from abstraction to realism.